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1. 616.9

Being Positive : Perspectives on HIV/AIDS in the EU's Northern Dimension and Finland's Neighbouring Areas [Text] : сборник / Ed. by U. Aaltonen, A. Arsalo, M. Sinkkonen. - Saarijarvi : [s. n.], 2002. - 215 p. : graph. - ISBN 951-33-1345-X
HIV/AIDS as a disease and an epidemic
Holmstrom, Pekka. The HIV/AIDS epidemic - A global overview / P. Holmstrom
Vohlonen, llkka. Calculating the significance of HIV/AIDS to the nationaleconomy: The preconditions for determining theeconomic significance of HIV/AIDS / I. Vohlonen
Ristola, Matti. The significance of the treatment system in the management of the HIV epidemic / M. Ristola, J. Sutinen
Vuorenkoski, Meri. The role of medicines in resolving the AIDS problem - What lessons have been learnt from the developing countries? / M. Vuorenkoski, L. Vuorenkosk, E. Hemminki
Kiviluoto, Pirkko. HIV/AIDS and sexual rights / P. Kiviluoto
The HIV epidemic in Finland's neighbouringareas and the Russian Federation
Urponen, Kyosti. The underlying social factors in the social and health problems in Finland's neighbouring areas / K. Urponen
Leinikki, Pauli. The HIV epidemic in the Baltic Sea area - A threat tothe stability of the whole region? / P. Leinikki
Smolskaya, Tatyana. HIV/AIDS in the North-West District of the Russian Federation: The current state, problems and solutions / T. Smolskaya
DDC: 616.9
Рубрики: Social problems--Epidemics
Аннотация: During the past 20 years AIDS, caused by the Hl-virus, has been responsible for immense human suffering and tragedy. The misery and death caused by AIDS has typically been associated with the poor sub-Saharan African countries, where this disease has been the major cause of death for a number of years now. However, in 2002 HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic that respects no geographical, racial, sexual, social or political boundaries. There were an estimated 40 million adults and children living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2001. Over 20 million people have already died of AIDS. In 2002, Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation continue to experience the fastest-growing epidemic in the world. The articles presented in this book approach HIV/AIDS not just as a disease and epidemic, but also as a complex social and political issue. Under particular review are Finland's neighbouring areas and the Russian Federation, where AIDS is feared to reach the same alarming proportions as in Africa. In 2001, almost 83 000 new HIV-positive diagnoses were reported in the Russian Federation. Yet, the estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the country is thought to be around fourtimes higherthan the reported figures. HIV/AIDS is one of the focus areas in social welfare and health care encompassed by the EU's Northern Dimension concept. HIV/AIDS is also one of the key issues in the Forum on the Northern Dimension in Social Protection and Health, organised in Joensuu, Finland, on September! 6-17, 2002. This book has been published as part of the preparation process for this Forum

Доп.точки доступа:
Aaltonen, Ursula \ed.\
Arsalo, Ali \ed.\
Sinkkonen, Minna \ed.\
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2. 303.482

Communication and Discourse across Cultures and Languages [Text] : AFinLA Yearbook. 1991 / Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics ; ed.: K. Sajavaara, D. Marsh, T. Keto. - Jyvaskyla : [s. n.], 1991. - 275 p. - (AFinLA Series, ISSN 0781-0318 ; no. 49). - ISBN 951-9388-36-2
Haarmann, Harold. Symbolic internationalization : beyond the practical use of foreign languages in intercultural communication / H. Haarmann
Schrdder, Hartmut. How to avoid ethnocentricity and stereotypes in analyzing another culture / H. Schrdder
Kalaja, Paula. Analyzing service encounters cross-culturally : methodological considerations / P. Kalaja
Karkkainen, Elise. The problem of norm in the study of cross-cultural discourse / E. Karkkainen
Yli-Jokipii, Hilkka. Running against time and technology : problems in empirical research into written business communication / H. Yli-Jokipii
Dufva, Hannele. Innocents abroad : the politics of cross-cultural communication / H. Dufva
Leppanen, Sirpa. Linguistics and the transnationalisation of literature / S. Leppanen
Marsh, David. Pitfalls of cross-cultural communication training : the art of the appropriate / D. Marsh
Aaltonen, Armi. Spoken discourse of Finnish speakers of English / A. Aaltonen, L. -M. Hakokongas, P. Isomursu
Heilala-Rasimov, Taru-Maija. Teaching cultural competence in the English language classroomin Finnish schools / T. -M. Heilala-Rasimov, J. Vesanen
DDC: 303.482
Рубрики: Culture contact
Аннотация: The present volume is a collection of the papers which were presented at two seminars organized at the University of Jyvaskyla in 1990. The Seminar on Cross-Cultural Communication was held on 23 March, and the 3rd Finnish Seminar on Discourse Analysis was organized on 15-16 November, in connection with the 20th Anniversary Symposium of the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics AFinLA. The original idea was to publish the seminar papers in two separate volumes in the Jyvaskyla English Department series. After it was clear that the anniversary symposium of the AFinLA did not produce enough papers to constitute a full volume for the AFinLA Yearbook 1991, a decision was made to combine the papers of the two seminars for the yearbook volume. In many ways they represent various facets of one and the same problem area

Доп.точки доступа:
Sajavaara, Kari \ed.\
Marsh, David \ed.\
Keto, Tellervo \ed.\
Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics
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