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Methods in Social Epidemiology [Text] / ed.: J. M. Oakes, J. S. Kaufman. - San Francisco : Jossey-Bass : John Wiley & Sons, 2006. - 478 p. - ISBN 978-0-7879-7989-8. - ISBN 0-7879-7989-9
Name index : p. 461 - 468. Subject index : p. 469 - 478
Background : Part One
Oakes, Michael. Advancing Methods in Social Epidemiology : Introduction / J. M. Oakes, J. S. Kaufman
Hamlin, Christopher. The History of Methods of Social Epidemiology to 1965 / C. S. Hamlin
Measures and Measurement : Part Two
Galobardes, Bruna. Indicators of Socioeconomic Position / B. Galobardes, M. Shaw, D. A. Lawlor
Karlsen, Saffron. Measuring and Analyzing "Race", Racism, and Racial Discrimination / S. Karlsen, J. Y. Nazroo
Betson, David. Measuring Poverty / D. M. Betson, J. L. Warlick
Harper, Sam. Measuring Health Inequalities / S. Harper, J. Lynch
Reardon, Sean. A Conceptual Framework for Measuring Segregation and Its Association with Population Outcomes / S. F. Reardon
O'Campo, Patricia. Measures of Residential Community Contexts / P. O'Campo, M. O'Brien Caughy
Messer, Lynne. Using Census Data to Approximate Neighborhood Effects / L. C. Messer, J. S. Kaufman
Design and Analysis : Part Three
Lantz, Paula. Community-Based Participatory Research : Rationale and Relevance for Social Epidemiology / P. M. Lantz, B. A. Israel, A. J. Schulz
Marsden, Peter. Network Methods in Social Epidemiology / P. V. Marsden
Blume, Lawrence. Identifying Social Interactions : a Review / L. E. Blume, S. N. Durlauf
Blakely, Tony. Multilevel Studies / T. A. Blakely, S. V. Subramanian
Hannan, Peter. Experimental Social Epidemiology - Controlled Community Trials / P. J. Hannan
Oakes, Michael. Propensity Score Matching for Social Epidemiology / J. M. Oakes, P. J. Johnson
Glymour, Maria. Using Causal Diagrams to Understand Common Problems in Social Epidemiology / M. M. Glymour
Glymour, Maria. Natural Experiments and Instrumental Variable Analyses in Social Epidemiology / M. M. Glymour
DDC: 614
Рубрики: Epidemiology--Social aspects
Аннотация: "Publication of this highly informative textbook clearly reflects the coming of age of many social epidemiology methods, the importance of which rests on their potential contribution to significantly improving the effectiveness of the population-based approach to prevention. This book should be of great interest not only to more advanced epidemiology students but also to epidemiologists in general, particularly those concerned with health policy and the translation of epidemiologic findings into public health practice. The cause of achieving a "more complete" epidemiology envisaged by the editors has been significantly advanced by this excellent textbook" - Moyses Szklo, professor of epidemiology and editor in chief, "American Journal of Epidemiology", Johns Hopkins University

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Oakes, Michael \ed.\
Kaufman, Jay \ed.\
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