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Oakleu, Ann.
The Ann Oakley Reader : Gender, Women and Social Science [Text] / A. Oakleu ; forew. author G. Green. - Bristol : Policy Press, 2005. - 306 p. - Bibliography : p. 251 - 294. - ISBN 1-86134-692-1
Index : p. 295 - 306
Sex and gender
The difference between sex and gender
Genes and gender
Childhood lessons
Science, gender and women's liberation
Housework and family life
On studying housework
Images of housework
Marriage and the division of labour
Housework in history and culture
Childbirth, motherhood and medicine
The agony and the ecstasy
Lessons mothers learn
Medical maternity cases
Mistakes and mystiques of motherhood
Doing social science
The invisible woman : sexism in sociology
Reflections thirty years on
Interviewing women : a contradiction in terms?
Who's afraid of the randomised controlled trial? Some dilemmas of the scientific method and 'good' research practice
Paradigm wars : some thoughts on a personal and public trajectory
DDC: 305.42
Рубрики: Gender studies--Women
Аннотация: This book brings together extracts from classic texts by the internationally renowned feminist sociologist, Ann Oakley. Edited and selected by the author herself, it starts with work first published in the early 1970s. Ann Oakley's research and writing on sex and gender, housework, motherhood, women's health and social science have enormously influenced the thinking of many inside and beyond social science, and have helped to shape the academic study of women and gender right up to the present day. Many of Oakley's early works are out of print and this collection makes them available agai There are extracts from pioneering studies such as "Sex, gender and society", "The sociology of housework", "Becoming a mother" and "Women confined", presented alongside some of Ann Oakley's more recent reflections on methodology, scientific method and research practice. The book illustrates how Oakley's thinking has evolved over a period in which much in the field of gender and women's studies has changed. Each section of the book is prefaced by her reflections on how her original studies relate to more recent research and theoretical perspectives. There are many points of intersection with modern debates about how (and whether) to "do" gender and what terms such as "women" and "men" really mean. The result is a valuable commentary on forty years' work on women, gender and social science methodology which will be of interest to many, especially undergraduate and A-level students, as well as all those grappling with current issues about the past and future of work in the contested areas of gender, women's studies and feminist social science. Ann Oakley is Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, and Founding Director of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. She has been researching and writing on topics relating to the position of women, gender, reproduction, family life and the role and construction of women in academic culture for forty years. Her work is widely cited by school and university students and others within and outside academia as having pioneered a feminist social science

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