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1. 324.2

Party Politics in Post-Communist Russia [Text] / ed. J. Lowenhardt. - London ; Portland, OR : Frank Cass, 1998. - 274 p. - eng. - ISBN 0-7146-4443-9
Index : p. 271-274
Brown, R. Party development in the regions : when did parties start to play a part in politics? / R. Brown
Gelman, V. Regional party system formation in Russia : the deviant case of Sverdlovsk oblast / V. Gelman, G. V. Golosov
Moser, R. G. The electoral effects of presidentialism in post-soviet Russia / R. G. Moser
Oates, S. Party platforms : towards a definition of the russian political spectrum / S. Oates
Hanson, S. E. Ideology, uncertainly and the rise of anti-system parties in post-communist Russia / S. E. Hanson
Sakwa, R. Left or right? The CPRE and the problem of democratic consolidation in Russia / R. Sakwa
Robinson, N. Classifying Russia's party system : the problem of "relevance" in a time of uncertainty / N. Robinson
Haspel, M. Should party in parliament be weak or strong? The rules debate in the Russian State Duma / M. Haspel
Remington, T. F. Political conflict and institutional design : paths of party development in Russia / T. F. Remington
Fleron, F. J. Where now in the study of Russian political parties? / F. J. Fleron, R. Ahl, F. Lane
Webb, P. The lessons of comparative politics : Russian political parties as independent variables? / P. Webb, P. G. Lewis
White, S. Electoral statistics, 1993 - 1996 / S. White
DDC: 324.2
Рубрики: Political parties
Аннотация: This group of studies first appeared in a special issue of "The journal of communist studies and transition politics" (vol. 14 №1/2 (March/June) 1998)
Political parties are the fabric of democratic politics. In 1991 a new Russia emerged after seven decades of one-party dictatorship, claiming to be on the road towards democracy. In this volume the authors analyse the many contradictions, dilemmas and paradoxes of reconstituting free party politics and democratic rule in a severely traumatized country. Frequently from a comparative perspective they deal with a range of topics, from the behaviour of the new parties in parliament, the role of ideology in cementing party organizations, to the character and prospects of the transient Russian party system

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Lowenhardt, John \ed.\
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2. 973.7

Perry, Mark.
Conceived in Liberty [Text] : Joshua Chamberlain, William Oates, and the American Civil War / M. Perry. - New York : Viking Press, 1997. - 500 p. : il. - eng. - Библиогр.: p. 469-478. - ISBN 0-670-86225-8
Notes: 433-468. Index : p. 479-500
The Rocky Hill
I Went Out Among Strangers
Shadows Luminous in the Sunset Glow
Written in Blood
A Fair English Education
To the Harvest Home of Death
DDC: 973.7
Рубрики: History--Period of Abraham Lincoln--United States
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3. 320.947

Developments in Russian Politics 6 [Text] / !702redK.pft: FILE NOT FOUND! . - 6th ed. - Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. - xii, 284 p. : il. - (Developments). - Bibliography : p. 263 - 280. - ISBN 1-4039-3669-2
Index : p. 281 - 284
Sakwa, Richard. Politics in Russia / R. Sakwa
Willerton, John P. Putin and the Hegemonic Presidency / J. P. Willerton
Remington, Thomas. Parliamentary Politics in Russia / T. F. Remington
McFaul, Michael. The Electoral System / M. McFaul
White, Stephen. The Political Parties / S. White
Evans, Alfred B. A Russian Civil Society? / A. B. Jr. Evans
Oates, Sarah. Media and Political Communication / S. Oates
Sharlet, Robert. In Search of the Rule of Law / R. Sharlet
Hahn, Gordon. Reforming the Federation / G. Hahn
Slider, Darrell. Politics in the Regions / D. Slider
Rutland, Peter. Putin's Economic Record / P. Rutland
Twigg, Judy. Social Policy in Post-Soviet Russia / J. Twigg
Light, Margot. Foreign Policy / M. Light
Gitelman, Zvi. The Democratization of Russia in Comparative Perspective / Z. Gitelman
DDC: 320.947
Рубрики: Politics--Russia--DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH

Доп.точки доступа:
White, Stephen \ed.\
Gitelman, Zvi \ed.\
Sakwa, Richard \ed.\
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4. 947.086

Russian Civil Society : a Critical Assessment [Text] / ed.: A. B. Evans, L. A. Henry, L. M. Sundstrom. - Armonk, NY ; London : M. E. Sharpe, 2006. - 340 p. - ISBN 0-7656-1522-3
Appendix : p. 323 - 326. About editors and contributors : p. 327 - 330. Index : p. 331 - 340
The History of Civil Society in Russia
Conroy, Mary Schaeffer. Civil Society in Late Imperial Russia / M. S. Conroy
Evans, Alfred. Civil Society in the Soviet Union? / A. B. Evans
The Context of Civil Society Development
Oates, Sarah. Media, Civil Society, and the Failure of the Fourth Estate in Russia / S. Oates
Rutland, Peter. Business and Civil Society in Russia / P. Rutland
Shelley, Louise. Organized Crime Groups : "Uncivil Society" / L. Shelley
Bacon, Edwin. The Church and Civil Society in Russia / E. Bacon
Wegren, Stephen. Civil Society in Rural Russia / S. K. Wegren
Evans, Alfred. Vladimir Putin's Design for Civil Society / A. B. Evans
Civil Society in Contemporary Russia : Case Studies
Sperling, Valerie. Women's Organizations : Institutionalized Interest Groups or Vulnerable Dissidents? / V. Sperling
Sundstrom, Lisa Mcintosh. Soldiers' Rights Groups in Russia : Civil Society Through Russian and Western Eyes / L. M. Sundstrom
Davis, Sue. Russian Trade Unions : Where Are They in the Former Workers' State? / S. Davis
Henry, Laura. Russian Environmentalists and Civil Society / L. A. Henry
Thomson, Kate. Disability Organizations in the Regions / K. Thomson
Flynn, Moya. Formal and Informal Strategies of Migrant Populations : Migrant Activity in Post-Soviet Russia / M. Flynn
Johnson, Janet Elise. Public-Private Permutations : Domestic Violence Crisis Centers in Barnaul / J. E. Johnson
White, Anne. Is Civil Society Stronger in Small Towns? / A. White
Concluding Thoughts
Sundstrom, Lisa Mcintosh. Russian Civil Society : Tensions and Trajectories / L. M. Sundstrom, L. A. Henry
DDC: 947.086
Рубрики: History of Russia--1991-
Аннотация: A vibrant civil society — characterized by the independently organized activity of people as citizens, undirected by state authority — is understood to be an essential support for the development of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. Thus it has been considered an important indicator of the success of post-communist transitions. This volume undertakes a systematic analysis of the development of civil society in post-Soviet Russia. An introduction and two historical chapters provide background. The next several chapters analyze the Russian context, considering the roles of the media, business, organized crime, the church, the village, and the Russian government in shaping the terrain of public life. Then eight case studies illustrate the range and depth of actual citizen organizations in various national and local community settings. A final chapter weighs the findings and distills some comparisons and conclusions

Доп.точки доступа:
Evans, Alfred \ed.\
Henry, Laura \ed.\
Sundstrom, Lisa McIntosh \ed.\
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5. Q

Handbook of Environmental Economics [Text] / ed.: K. -G. Maler, J. R. Vincent. - Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2003 - .
Volume I : Environmental Degradation and Institutional Responses. - 2003. - xxv, 516, I-29 p. : il. - (Handbooks in Economics / ed. K. J. Arrow, M. D. Intriligator, ISSN 0169-7218 ; 20). - ISBN 0444-50063-4
Index : p. I1 - I29
Bolin, Bert. Geophysical and Geochemical Aspects of Environmental Degradation / B. Bolin
Levin, Simon. Ecosystem Dynamics / S. A. Levin, S. W. Pacala
Starrett, David. Property Rights, Public Goods and the Environment / D. A. Starrett
Baland, Jean-Marie. Economics of Common Property Management Regimes / J. -M. Baland, J. -P. Platteau
Dasgupta, Partha. Population, Poverty, and the Natural Environment / P. Dasgupta
Helfand, Gloria. The Theory of Pollution Policy / G. E. Helfand, P. Berck, T. Maull
Baliga, Sandeep. Mechanism Design for the Environment / S. Baliga, E. Maskin
Oates, Wallace. The Political Economy of Environmental Policy / W. E. Oates, P. R. Portney
Stavins, Robert. Experience with Market-Based Environmental Policy Instruments / R. N. Stavins
Bohm, Peter. Experimental Evaluations of Policy Instruments / P. Bohm
Jaffe, Adam. Technological Change and the Environment / A. B. Jaffe, R. G. Newell, R. N. Stavins
Рубрики: Economic --Agriculture and natural resources

Доп.точки доступа:
Maler, Karl-Goran \ed.\
Vincent, Jeffrey \ed.\
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6. 577

Baumol, William.
The Theory of Environmental Policy [Text] / W. J. Baumol, W. E. Oates. - 2nd ed. - Cambridge ; New York ; Melbourne : Cambridge University Press, 1988. - 299 p. - ISBN 978-0-521-32224-9. - ISBN 0-521-31112-8
Index : p. 297 - 299
Introduction : economics and environmental policy
On the theory of externalities
Relevance and the theory of externalities
Externalities : definition, significant types, and optimal-pricing conditions
Externalities : formal analysis
Uncertainty and the choice of policy instruments : price or quantity controls?
Market imperfections and the number of participants
Are competitive outputs with detrimental externalities necessarily excessive?
Detrimental externalities and nonconvexities in the production set
On optimal pricing of exhaustible resources
On the design of environmental policy
Efficiency without optimality : the charges and standards approach
Marketable emission permits for protection of the environment
Stochastic influences, direct controls, and taxes
Taxes versus subsidies : a partial analysis
Environmental protection and the distribution of income
International environmental issues
National or local standards for environmental quality?
DDC: 577
Рубрики: Biology--Ecology
Аннотация: Baumol and Oates provide a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the economic theory of environmental policy. Covering both the theory of externalities and its application to the design of environmental policy, the authors have retained the basic structure and organization of the first edition, which has become a standard reference. In this new edition, they have extended and updated the analysis to incorporate recent research in environmental economics. Most significantly, they introduce two new chapters that explore marketable emission permits, a new and promising policy instrument that has evolved, both in theory and in practice, since the publication of the first edition. While the first edition was heavily oriented toward effluent charges as a pricing instrument, this edition presents a more balanced treatment of "price and quantity" measures for environmental management. The new edition also addresses issues in "environmental federalism" with a new chapter that examines the respective roles of federal and state-local governments in environmental decision making

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Oates, Wallace
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7. Q

Economics of the Environment [Text] : selected readings / ed. R. N. Stavins. - 5th ed. - New York ; London : W. W. Norton & Company, 2005. - 676 p. - ISBN 0-393-92701-6
Overview and Principles
Fullerton, Don. How Economists See the Environment / D. Fullerton, R. N. Stavins
Hardin, Garrett. The Tragedy of the Commons / G. Hardin
Coase, Ronald. The Problem of Social Cost / R. Coase
The Costs of Environmental Protection
Jarfe, Adam. Environmental Regulation and the Competitiveness of U.S. Manufacturing : What Does the Evidence Tell Us? / A. B. Jarfe, S. R. Peterson, P. R. Portney
Porter, Michael. Toward a New Conception of the Environment-Competitiveness Relationship / M. E. Porter, C. Linde
Palmer, Karen. Tightening Environmental Standards : the Benefit-Cost or the No-Cost Paradigm? / K. Palmer, W. E. Oates, P. R. Portney
The Benefits of Environmental Protection
Portney, Paul. The Contingent Valuation Debate : Why Economists Should Care / P. R. Portney
Hanemann, Michael. Valuing the Environment through Contingent Valuation / W. M. Hanemann
Diamond, Peter. Contingent Valuation : is Some Number Better than No Number? / P. A. Diamond, J. A. Hausman
Carson, Richard. Contingent Valuation and Lost Passive Use : Damages from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill / R. T. Carson, R. C. Mitchell, M. Hanemann
Viscusi, Kip. The Value of Life in Legal Contexts : Survey and Critique / W. K. Viscusi
The Goals of Environmental Policy : Economic Efficiency and Benefit-Cost Analysis
Arrow, Kenneth. Is There a Role for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation? / K. J. Arrow, M. L. Cropper, G. C. Eads
Goulder, Lawrence. An Eye on the Future / L. H. Goulder, R. N. Stavins
Kelman, Steven. Cost-Benefit Analysis : an Ethical Critique / S. Kelman
DeLong, James. Replies to Steven Kelman / J. V. DeLong, R. M. Solow, G. Butters
The Means of Environmental Policy : Cost Effectiveness and Market-Based Instruments
Tietenberg, Tom. Economic Instruments for Environmental Regulation / T. H. Tietenberg
Goulder, Lawrence. Environmental Policy Making in a Second-Best Setting / L. H. Goulder
Stavins, Robert. What Can We Learn from the Grand Policy Experiment? Lessons from SO2 Allowance Trading / R. N. Stavins
Sandel, Michael. It's Immoral to Buy the Right to Pollute / M. J. Sandel
Shavell, Steven. Replies to Michael Sandel / S. Shavell, R. N. Stavins, S. E. Gaines
Trade, Growth, and the Environment
Frankel, Jeffrey. The Environment and Globalization / J. A. Frankel
Dasgupta, Susmita. Confronting the Environmental Kuznets Curve / S. Dasgupta, B. Laplante, H. Wang
Barrett, Scott. Creating Incentives for International Cooperation : Strategic Choices / S. Barrett
Global Climate Change
Nordhaus, William. Reflections on the Economics of Climate Change / W. D. Nordhaus
Schelling, Thomas. Facing the Tradeoffs / T. C. Schelling
Jacoby, Henry. Kyoto's Unfinished Business / H. D. Jacoby, R. G. Prinn, R. Schmalensee
McKibbin, Warwick. The Role of Economics in Climate Change Policy / W. J. McKibbin, P. J. Wilcoxen
Ecological Values and Sustainability
Solow, Robert. Sustainability : an Economist's Perspective / R. M. Solow
Brown, Gardner. Economics of the Endangered Species Act / G. M. Brown, J. F. Shogren
Metrick, Andrew. Conflicts and Choices in Biodiversity Preservation / A/ Metrick, M. L. Weitzman
Economics and Environmental Policy Making
Keohane, Nathaniel. The Choice of Regulatory Instruments in Environmental Policy / N. O. Keohane, R. L. Revesz, R. N. Stavins
Freeman, Myrick. Environmental Policy Since Earth Day I : What Have We Gained? / M. A. Freeman
Hahn, Robert. Environmental Regulation in the 1990s : a Retrospective Analysis / R. W. Hahn, S. M. Olmstead, R. N. Stavins
Hahn, Robert. The Impact of Economics on Environmental Policy / R. W. Hahn
Рубрики: Economic --Agriculture and natural resources
Аннотация: Through four editions, "Economics of the Environment" has served as a valuable supplement to environmental economics texts, and as a stand-alone book of original readings from the literature. Edited by Robert N. Stavins, the Fifth Edition promises to do the same. The table of contents is a veritable Who's Who of environmental economists, and the articles are timely, with more than 90 percent published since 1990 and a third since 2000

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Stavins, Robert \ed.\
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8. 320.947

Developments in Russian Politics 7 [Text] / ed.: S. White, R. Sakwa, H. E. Hale. - [7th ed.]. - Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. - xix, 316 p. - (Developments). - Bibliography : p. 283 - 289. - ISBN 978-0-230-22449-0
Index : p. 313 - 316. References : p. 290 - 312
Sakwa, Richard. Politics in Russia / R. Sakwa
Willerton, John. Semi-presidentialism and the Evolving Executive / J. P. Willerton
Remington, Thomas. Parliamentary Politics in Russia / T. F. Remington
McFaul, Michael. Elections and Voters / M. McFaul, K. Stoner-Weiss
Hale, Henry. Russia's Political Parties and Their Substitutes / H. E. Hale
Evans, Alfred. Russian Society and the State / Alfred B. Evans
Oates, Sarah. The Media and Political Communication / S. Oates, G. McCormack
Smith, Gordon. Legal Reform and the Dilemma of Rule of Law / G. B. Smith
Ross, Cameron. Reforming the Federation / C. Ross
Slider, Darrell. Politics in the Regions / D. Slider
Hanson, Philip. Managing the Economy / P. Hanson
Manning, Nick. Social Policy / N. Manning
Light, Margot. Russian Foreign Policy / M. Light
Mathers, Jennifer. The Military, Security and Politics / J. G. Mathers
White, Stephen. Classifying Russia's Politics / S. White
DDC: 320.947
Рубрики: Politics--Russia--DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH
Аннотация: With the election of Dmitri Medvedev as president, Russia is now seemingly ruled in "tandem" by the President and his predecessor, now prime minister, Vladimir Putin. The significance of this is much debated. Does it mean the end to the all-powerful presidency which has been such a hallmark of post-Soviet Russian politics? Does it signal a lasting change in the relations between branches of government, and between Russia's politicians and the society they govern? "Developments in Russian Politics 7" brings together specially commissioned chapters by leading experts to present a wide-ranging assessment of the changing politics of contemporary Russia. All chapters are new or comprehensively revised for this edition and provide succinct overviews of particular aspects of Russia's government, politics and policy. Clearly and accessibly written, "Developments in Russian Politics 7" will remain the text of choice for readers seeking a reliable and up-to-date introduction to politics in the world's largest nation

Доп.точки доступа:
White, Stephen \ed.\
Sakwa, Richard \ed.\
Hale, Henry \ed.\
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9. 320.947

The Uncertainties of Putin's Democracy [Text] / ed. G. Flikke. - Oslo : Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 2004. - 143 p. - (Conference Proceedings). - ISBN 82-7002-100-8
Flikke, Geir. The Uncertainties of Russia's Democratisation : introduction / G. Flikke
Willerton, John. Uncertainties of the Putin Hegemonic Presidency / J. P. Willerton
Gill, Graeme. Russia's Stunted Civil Society and the Presidential Regime / G. Gill
Sakwa, Richard. Do Parties Matter in Contemporary Russia? / R. Sakwa
Petrov, Nikolai. The 2003 Duma Elections and the Unified Russia Phenomenon / N. Petrov
Oates, Sarah. Post-Soviet Political Style : Parties, Television and Voters / S. Oates
Kimmage, Daniel. Putin's Restoration : Consolidation or Clan Rivalries? / D. Kimmage
DDC: 320.947
Рубрики: Politics and government--Russia
Аннотация: A central aim for Russia's presidency under Vladimir Putin has been to consolidate the state and secure a constitutional mode of politics. Putin has reformed Russia's crumbling federal structure under Yeltsin, reined in the regional elite, fenced out external over-mighty actors such as the oligarchs from politics, and warranted a "responsible" press and multiparty system. Yet, the future of Russia's democracy under Putin seems imbued with several uncertainties. After years of transition, the Russian system is still one where political parties play a relatively marginal role, civil society remains unstructured and unable to constrain government, parliamentary oversight of government is limited, and intra-elite struggles and personal loyalties dominate the political landscape. A central question has emerged: Will a liberal constitutional policy prevail under Putin, or will the regime regress into excessive management of Russia's fragile democracy? These proceedings consist of articles presented at a NUPI conference in January 2004 and seek to highlight this question. Contributors cover the character of Russia's presidential regime under Putin, the performance of political parties, the role of the media in campaigning, the political role of Russia's oligarchs, and the developments of Russia's feckless civil society. They suggest that Russia's strong-powered presidency yields uncertain prospects for the development of genuine democracy, free media and equal opportunities for the political opposition

Доп.точки доступа:
Flikke, Geir \ed.\
Putin, Vladimir = Путин, Владимир Владимирович (1952 - ) \о нем\ - Russian politician
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10. 302.23

Oates, Sarah.
Revolution Stalled : the Political Limits of the Internet in the Post-Soviet Sphere [Text] / S. Oates. - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2013. - 225 p. - (Oxford Studies in Digital Politics). - ISBN 978-0-19-973595-2
Appendix : p. 199 - 201. Notes : p. 202 - 210. References : p. 211 - 219. Index : p. 220 - 225
The National Borders of the Internet : How the Russian State Shapes the Global Potential of ICTs
One Nation, Two Audiences : Internet Use and the Media Sphere in Russia
Internet Control in Russia
Russian Parties Online
Parents and Patients : Online Health and Fairness Campaigns in Russia
The Winter of Discontent : Elections, Protests, and the Internet in Russia, 2011 - 1212
DDC: 302.23
Рубрики: Mass media
Аннотация: Can the internet fundamentally challenge non-free regimes?The role that social networking has played in promoting political change in the Middle East and beyond raises Important guestlons about the ability of authoritarian leaders to control the information sphere and their subjects. "Revolution Stalled" goes beyond the idea of "virtual" politics to study five key components in the relationship between the online sphere and society: content, community, catalysts, control, and co-optation. This analysis of the contemporary Russian internet, written by a scholar with in-depth knowledge of both the post-Soviet media and media theory, illuminates key components to how and when the internet can spark political action. With its analysis of current internet-linked protests in Russia, this book posits that there are critical pre-conditions that must exist for the internet to be used successfully to challenge non-free states. In particular, Russian leaders have made themselves vulnerable to online protest movements and online social entrepreneurs through their failure to control the internet as effectively as they have controlled traditional media. At the same time, Russia has experienced explosive growth in the online audience, tipping the balance of control away from state-run television and toward the more open online sphere. Oates incorporates studies of small-scale protests involving health issues and children with disabilities to demonstrate that Russians have started to translate individual grievances into rising political awareness and efficacy via the online sphere. Her cases show that the Russian state has struggled to change its information and control strategy in the face of new types of information dissemination, networking, and protest. This new environment has transformed a state strategy of co-opted elections into a powerful catalyst for protests and demands for rights. While the revolution remains stalled, this book provides compelling evidence that a new and changing generation of internet users is beginning to alter the balance of power In the public sphere in Russia. Sarah Oates has studied Russian politics and the media for the past twenty years. An expert in comparative political communication, she has published widely on the role of the media In relation to elections, terrorism, and democracy in general. A former journalist, she is Professor and Senior Scholar at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park
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11. 320.947

Developments in Russian Politics 8 [Text] / ed.: S. White, R. Sakwa, H. E. Hale. - Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. - 300 p. - (Developments). - Bibliography : p. 264 - 270. - ISBN 978-1-137-39213-8
References : p. 271 - 296. Index : p. 297 - 300
Sakwa, Richard. Politics in Russia / R. Sakwa
Willerton, John. The Hegemonic Executive / J. P. Willerton
Remington, Thomas. Parliamentary Politics in Russia / T. F. Remington
White, Stephen. The Electoral Process / S. White
Hale, Henry. Russia’s Political Parties and their Substitutes / H. E. Hale
McAllister, Ian. Voting Behaviour / I. McAllister
Robertson, Graeme. Civil Society and Contentious Politics in Russia / G. B. Robertson
Oates, Sarah. Russia’s Media and Political Communication in the Digital Age / S. Oates
Hendley, Kathryn. Assessing the Rule of Law in Russia / K. Hendley
Slider, Darrell. A Federal State? / D. Slider
Hanson, Philip. Managing the Economy / P. Hanson
Stephenson, Svetlana. Society and Social Divisions in Russia / S. Stephenson
Light, Margot. Foreign Policy / M. Light
Mathers, Jennifer. The Military, Security and Politics / J. G. Mathers
Gelman, Vladimir. Trajectories of Russian Politics : an Interpretation / V. Gelman
DDC: 320.947
Рубрики: Politics and government--Russia
Аннотация: Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin for a third term in office has led to increasingly authoritarian domestic politics and a more difficult relationship with the outside world. This authoritative volume examines the most recent era of Russian politics under Putin, and places events in their historical context. It examines the impact of the leadership on a broad range of policy areas and on the system of governance that characterizes this important state. "Developments in Russian Politics 8" brings together specially commissioned chapters by leading experts to present a wide-ranging assessment of the changing politics of contemporary Russia. All chapters are new or comprehensively revised for this edition and provide succinct overviews of particular aspects of Russia's government, politics and policy. Clearly and accessibly written, this book will remain the text of choice for readers seeking a reliable and up-to-date introduction to politics in the world's largest nation

Доп.точки доступа:
White, Stephen \ed.\
Sakwa, Richard \ed.\
Hale, Henry \ed.\
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12. 300.947

Routledge Handbook of Russian Politics and Society [Text] / ed.: G. Gill, J. Young. - London ; New York : Routledge, 2015. - 483 p. - (Routledge Handbooks). - ISBN 978-1-138-90195-7
Index : p. 477 - 483
Gill, Graeme. The Yeltsin era / G. J. Gill
Hill, Ronald. The Putin era / R. J. Hill
Gill, Graeme. The Medvedev presidency / G. J. Gill
Sakwa, Richard. Democratisation / R. Sakwa
Tiffen, Rodney. How Russia compares / R. Tiffen
Smith, Gordon. The Russian Constitution / G. B. Smith
Willerton, John. Presidency / J. P. Willerton
Chaisty, Paul. The Federal Assembly and the power vertica / P. Chaisty
Moraski, Bryon. The Duma’s electoral system : lessons in endogeneity / B. J. Moraski
Smyth, Regina. Political parties / R. Smyth
March, Luke. Communism / L. March
Ross, Cameron. Federalism and defederalisation in Russia / C. Ross
Slider, Darrell. Regional governance / D. Slider
Lankina, Tomila. Local government / T. Lankina
Huskey, Eugene. The bureaucracy / E. Huskey
Solomon, Peter. Law courts and human rights / P. H. Solomon
Holmes, Leslie. Crime and corruption / L. Holmes
Renz, Bettina. The Russian power ministries and security services / B. Renz
Gorenburg, Dmitry. The military / D. Gorenburg
Hughes, James. The Russo-Chechen conflict / J. Hughes
Tompson, William. The political economy of contemporary Russia / W. Tompson
Aslund, Anders. Russia’s market economic reforms / A. Aslund
Fortescue, Stephen. The Russian economy and business-govemment relations / S. Fortescue
Rutland, Peter. The business sector in post-Soviet Russia / P. Rutland
Crowley, Stephen. Class / S. Crowley
Cook, Linda. Russian labour / L. J. Cook
Ashwin, Sarah. Gender / S. Ashwin
Oates, Sarah. Media / S. Oates
White, Stephen. Public opinion and voting behaviour / S. White
Gilbert, Leah. Civil society / L. Gilbert, H. D. Balzer
Ledeneva, Alena. Informality and informal politics / A. Ledeneva
Brookfield, John. Russian nationalism / J. Brookfield
Bremer, Thomas. Religion / T. Bremer
Twigg, Judy. Health and health policy / J. Twigg
Kuhrt, Natasha. Russian foreign policy / N. Kuhrt
Donaldson, Robert. Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union / R. H. Donaldson
Jonsson, Anna. Russia and Europe / A. Jonsson
Saivetz, Carol. Reset? Russian perspectives on US-Russian relations / C. R. Saivetz
Rozman, Gilbert. Russian foreign policy in Asia / G. Rozman
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Рубрики: Sociology--RUSSIA
Аннотация: There are an ever-burgeoning number of books analysing the Russian experience, or aspects of it. This "Handbook" is the first single volume work that gives both a broad survey of the literature as well as highlighting the cutting-edge research in the area. Through both empirical data and theoretical investigation, each chapter in the "Routledge Handbook of Russian Politics and Society" examines both the Russian experience and the existing literature, points to research trends, and identifies issues that remain to be resolved. Offering focused studies of the key elements of Russian social and political life, the book is organised into the following broad themes: General introduction; Political institutions; Political economy; Society; Foreign policy. Politically, economically and socially, Russia has one of the most interesting development trajectories of any major country. This "Handbook" seeks to answer questions about democratic transition, the relationship between the market and democracy, stability and authoritarian politics, the development of civil society, the role of crime and corruption, and the creation of a market economy. Providing a comprehensive resource for scholars and policy makers alike, this book is an important contribution to the study of Russian Studies, Eastern European Studies and International Relations

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