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1. 194

Derrida, Jacques.
Politics of Friendship [Text] / J.Derrida; Translated by G. Collins. - London ; New York : Verso, 1997. - vii, 308 p. - eng. - ISBN 1-85984-913-X. - ISBN 1-85984-033-7
Oligarchies: Naming, Enumerating, Counting
Loving in Friendship: Perhaps - the Noun and the Adverb
This Mad "Truth": The Just Name of Friendship
The Phantom Friend Returning (in the name of "Democracy")
On Absolute Hostility: The Cause of Philosophy and the Spectre of the Political
Oath, Conjuration, Fraternization or the 'Armed" Question
He Who Accompanies Me
"In Human Language, Fraternity..."
"For the First Time in the History of Humanity"
DDC: 194
Рубрики: Philosophy--FRANCE

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Collins, G. \пер.\
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2. 327.73

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald.
The Strategy of Peace [Text] / J. F. Kennedy ; ed., introd. author A. Nevins. - New York : Popular Library, 1960. - 272 p.
Index : p. 270 - 272
The Possibilities of Peace : part I
The Global Challenge
The Khrushchev-Eisenhower Visits
The Captive Nations
Nuclear Tests
Two Central Problems : part II
The Missile Gap
The Economic Gap
Areas of Trial : part III
Indochina and Vietnam
Poland and Eastern Europe
The Reconstruction of NATO
Quemoy and Matsu
The Middle East
Africa South of the Sahara
Latin America
India and China
America’s Readiness for World Responsibility : part IV
Civil Liberties and Our Need for New Ideas
The Soviet Challenge to American Education
A New Horizon for Negro Education
For the Repeal of the Loyalty Oath
Seven Peaceful Revolutions of Our Time
Conventional Forces in the Atomic Age
Citizens of the World : the Duty of the Scholar
A Farm Program to Promote World Peace
The Years the Locusts Have Eaten
Are We Up to the Task?
Discussion with John Fischer : part V
DDC: 327.73
Рубрики: Foreign relations--United States

Доп.точки доступа:
Nevins, Allan \ed.\
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3. 947.05

The Spiritual Regulation of Peter the Great [Text] / transl., ed. A. V. Muller. - Seattle ; London : University of Washington Press, 1972. - 150 p. - (Publications of Russia and Eastern Europe of the Institute for Comparative and Foreign Area Studies ; №3) (Washington Paperbacks on Russia and Asia ; WPRA-15). - Bibliography : p. 123 - 136. - Пер. изд. : Духовный регламент. - ISBN 0-295-95237-7
Notes : p. 85 - 122. Index : p. 137 - 150
The Manifesto of 25 January 1721
The Oath of the Members of the Spiritual College
The Regulation or Statute of the Spiritual College
Supplement to the Spiritual Regulation
DDC: 947.05
Рубрики: History of Russia--Age of Peter I

Доп.точки доступа:
Muller, Alexander \transl., ed.\
Peter I The Great = Петр I Великий (1672 - 1725) \о нем\ - Emperior of Russia
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4. 320

Bossuet, Jacques-Benigne.
Politics Drawn from Holy Scripture [Text] / J. B. Bossuet ; transl. P. Riley. - Cambridge ; New York ; Melbourne : Cambridge University Press, 1990. - lxxix, 415 p. - (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought / Ed. by R. Geuss, Q. Skinner, R. Tuck). - Bibliography : p. lxxi - lxxiv. - ISBN 0-521-36237-7
Index : p. 411 - 415
On human action
On the rule of human actions, or on law in general
On natural law
On man's duty to God, or on natural religion
On duty to oneself
On the duty of every man to every man, and first of not harming others
On recognizing men's natural equality
On the common duties of humanity
On the duty of parties to agreements in general
On the duty of men in the use of language
On the duties involved in taking an oath
On duty in acquiring ownership of tilings
On the duties arising from ownership in itself
On value
On contracts which presuppose value in things and on the duties they involve
On methods of dissolving obligations arising from agreements
On interpretation
On men's natural state
On the duties of marriage
On the duties of parents and children
On the duties of masters and slaves
On the impulsive cause of constituting the state
On the internal structure of states
On the functions of the sovereign power
On the forms of government
On the characteristics of civil authority
On the ways of acquiring authority, particularly monarchical
On the duty of sovereigns
On civil laws in particular
On the right of life and death
On reputation
On the power of sovereign authority over property within the state
On war and peace
On treaties
On the duties of citizens
DDC: 320
Рубрики: Political science
Аннотация: "On the Duty of Man and Citizen" (1673) is Samuel Pufendorf's succinct and condensed presentation of the natural law political theory he developed in his monumental classic "On the Law of Nature and Nations" (1672). His theory was the most influential natural law philosophy of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He not only advanced a compelling reply to Grotius and Hobbes, but also, in doing so, set the intellectual problems for theorists such as Locke, Hutcheson, Hume, Rousseau and Smith. In the aftermath of the Thirty Years' War Pufendorf sets forth a classic justification of the early modern enlightened state and of the proper relations of moral and political subjection to it. This lucid and historically sensitive translation (by Michael Silverthorne, a classicist and a specialist in Roman Law and early modern political thought) is the first since the early twentieth century. In the introduction, James Tully situates the text in its seventeenth-century contexts, summarizes the main arguments, surveys recent literature on Pufendorf, and shows how, in responding to Grotius, Hobbes and his many critics, Pufendorf transformed natural law theory into an independent discipline of juristic political philosophy which dominated reflection on politics until Kant

Доп.точки доступа:
Riley, Patrick \transl.\
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5. 947.04

The Correspondence between Prince A. M. Kurbsky and Tsar Ivan IV of Russia, 1564 - 1579 [Text] / ed. J. Fennell. - London ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1955. - 275 p. - Bibliography : p. 266 - 268. - Пер. изд. : Переписка Ивана Грозного с Андреем Курбским
Appendices : p. 251 - 264. Index : p. 269 - 275
The Correspondence
First Epistle of Prince Andrey Kurbsky, written to the Tsar and Grand Prince of Moscow in consequence of his fierce persecution
Epistle of the Tsar and Sovereign to all his Russian Kingdom against those that violate the oath of allegiance, against Prince Andrey Kurbsky and his comrades, concerning their treacheries
Short answer of Prince Andrey Kurbsky to the extremely bombastic epistle of the Grand Prince of Moscow
Document sent by the Sovereign from Volodimirets [Wolmar] to Prince Andrey Kurbsky by means of Prince Alexander Polubensky
Answer of the lowly Andrey Kurbsky, Prince of Kowel, to the second epistle of the Tsar of Moscow
Fourth Epistle of Prince Kurbsky to Ivan IV
Fifth Epistle of Prince Kurbsky to Ivan IV
DDC: 947.04
Рубрики: History of Russia--XV-XVII

Доп.точки доступа:
Fennell, John \ed.\
Ivan IV the Terrible = Иван IV Грозный (1530 - 1584) \о нем\ - Tsar of Russia
Kurbsky, Andrey Mikhailovich = Курбский, Андрей Михайлович (1528 – 1583) \о нем\ - Russian knyaz, an intimate friend and then a leading political opponent of the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible
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Коллекция Я. С. Лурье (читальный зал) - 1

6. 920.72

McNair Wilson, R.
Napoleon's Mother [Text] / R. McNair Wilson. - London : Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1933. - 260 p. - Bibliography : p. 235 - 254
Index : p. 255 - 260
Cara Signora Madre : Part I
A Corsican Family
Carlo Buonaparte
The General
"Liberty or Death"
The Path of Duty
Father and Sons
The Death of Carlo
King and Banker
The New Oath
Napoleonis Mater : Part II
Disciples of Robespierre
A New Symbol
Napoleon Comes Back
The "King-thought"
A Crime against France
Mother and Son
Mater Regum : Part III
Pope and Emperor
A Man Sent to Change the Face of the World
A Political Family
Letizia is Conquered
The King's Office
"The Son of Letizia"
The Punishment of the Rock
The Last Testament
DDC: 920.72
Рубрики: Biographies--Life stories--Women

Доп.точки доступа:
Bonaparte, Letizia (1750 - 1836) \о ней\ - mother of Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon = Bonaparte, Napoleon (1769 - 1821) \о нем\ - French military and political leader, the Emperor of the French (1804 - 1815)
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7. 947.081

Field, Daniel.
Rebels in the Name of the Tsar [Text] / D. Field. - Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, 1976. - 220 p. - ISBN 0-395-21986-8
Index : p. 217 - 220
Есть автограф: Field, Daniel
The Myth of the Tsar : Part I
Grounds for Belief
Problems of the Myth
Bezdna : Part II
The Chigirin Affair : Part III
A Question of Revolutionary Ethics
The Charter, the Code, and the Oath
The Druzhinniki
Responsibility and Punishment
The Myth of the Peasant : Part IV
DDC: 947.081
Рубрики: History of Russia--During the reign of Aleksandr II
Аннотация: Preface: "One of the major problems of the history of late imperial Russia is the devotion of the common people to the person of the tsar. Soviet historians call this phenomenon "naive monarchism" and maintain that the Russian peasantry was under the sway of "monarchist illusions". Naive monarchism contributed to the survival of the tsarist regime, and its erosion or disappearance made the revolutions of 1905 and 1917 possible. Most historians assume that the modernization of Russia was fatal to naive monarchism, but no one has explained how it endured so long and then dissipated so quickly. This book does not provide a comprehensive explanation of the evolution of naive monarchism. It does bring the problem down to earth by dealing with its concrete manifestations. There are several fascinating studies of the image of the tsar in Russian thought and literature. Discussions of naive monarchism, however, have always been very general; faith in the tsar is represented as an attribute of an abstraction — either "the peasantry" or "the common people". On this plane, it is hard to understand the shape and significance of a belief which is, from our point of view, outlandish and irrational. The two case studies that make up Chapters 2 and 3 in this book are intended to provide that kind of understanding..."
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8. 701

Carrier, David.
Principles of Art History Writing [Text] / D. Carrier. - University Park, Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1991. - 249 p. : il. - ISBN 0-271-00945-4
Index : p. 245 - 249
Case Studies : Interpretation in Present-day Art History : Part One
Preservation as Interpretation
Piero della Francesca : Modern Interpretation of Renaissance Artworks
Caravaggio : the Construction of an Artistic Personality
Allegory in Flemish Art : Comparative Interpretations of Ian van Eyck and Robert Campin
The History of Art History : Part Two
"Ekphrasis" and Interpretation : the Creation of Modern Art History
Winckelmann and Pater : Two Styles of Art-Historical Writing
David's "Oath of the Horatii" : the Search for Sources of an Eighteenth-Century Masterpiece
Toward a Revisionist Art History : Part Three
Where is the Painting? The Place of the Spectator in Art History Writing
When is the Painting? The Temporal Place of the Spectator in Art History Writing
Manet : Modernist Art, Postmodernist Artwriting
Matisse : the End of Classical Art History and the Fictions of Early Modernism
DDC: 701
Рубрики: Art--Philosophy and theory
Аннотация: "Principles of Art History Writing" traces the changes in the way in which writers about art represent the same works. These differ in such deep ways as to raise the question of whether those at the beginning of the process even saw the same things as those at the end did. Carrier uses four case studies to identify and explain changing styles of restoration and the history of interpretation of selected works by Piero, Caravaggio, and van Eyck. David Carrier is Professor of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University and author of "Artwriting" (Massachusetts, 1987) and "Poussin’s Paintings : a Study in Art-Historical Methodology" (Penn State, 1992)

Доп.точки доступа:
Piero della Francesca (c. 1420 - 1492) \о нем\ - Italian painter
Caravaggio, Michelangelo de (1572(?) - 1610) \о нем\ - Italian painter
Van Eyck, Jan = Eyck, Jan Van (before c. 1390 - 1441) - Netherlandish painter
Winckelmann, Johann Joachim (1717 - 1768) \о нем\ - German art historian
Manet, Edouard (1832 - 1883) \о нем\ - French painter
Matisse, Henri (1869 - 1954) \о нем\ - French painter
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9. 891.7044

Lahusen, Thomas.
How Life Writes the Book : Real Socialism and Socialist Realism in Stalin's Russia [Text] / T. Lahusen. - Ithaca, N.Y. ; London : Cornell University Press, 1997. - 247 p. : il. - ISBN 0-8014-8423-5
Notes : p. 211 - 242. Index : p. 243 - 247
Project No. 15
Utopics : the "Second Baku" and the "Other" of Place
The Beginning
Camp Freedom : the Oath; or, On Transference-Love
Personal Files
Borderline I : Rubezhansk
The Notebooks of Komsomol'sk
"Far from Moscow"
Borderline II : To Moscow!
Between Engineers : More on Transference-Love
A Thousand and One Nights : "Far from Moscow" and Its Readers
The Screen
Borderline III : The Death of the Chekist
How Life Finishes Writing the Book : epilogue
Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on Awards to Construction Workers of Special Projects, 30 October 1942 : appendix
DDC: 891.7044
Рубрики: Russian literature--II пол. XX в.
Аннотация: Thomas Lahusen was doing research on "Far from Moscow", a classic socialist-realist novel by the writer Vasilii Azhaev, when he made an astonishing discovery. Azhaev had assembled an extensive archive integrating his personal history with the political history of his time. Drawing on the archive, Lahusen reconstructs the genesis, writing, revision, and reception of the Stalin Prize novel. "How Life Writes the Book" retraces Azhaev’s path from a forced labor camp to the highest reaches of the Soviet literary bureaucracy and back again, illustrating the failure of the bold Soviet effort to integrate literature and life, utopia and reality. Thomas Lahusen is Professor of History and Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto. Fluent in six languages, he is the author or coeditor of five books
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10. 708

Reports of the State Hermitage Museum [Text] / The State Hermitage Museum. - SPb. : The State Hermitage Publishers.
LXXI / transl. from the Russian: M. Artamonova, D. Hicks, C. Phillips ; ed. J. Redkina. - 2014. - 158 p. : il. - Пер. изд. : Сообщения Государственного Эрмитажа ; LXXI. - ISBN 978-5-93572-504-4
Russian edition: Сообщения Государственного Эрмитажа ; LXXI . - СПб. : Изд-во Государственного Эрмитажа, 2013. - 158 с. - ISBN 978-5-93572-532-7
Collection Studies
Shablavina, Ekaterina. The Method Used in the Manufacture of a Silver Amphora from a Burial at Concetti / E. Shablavina
Muller, Matthias. A New Ramesside Letter with an Oath (pHermitage 5595) / M. Muller, A. Nikolaev
Samosyuk, Kira. The Art of the Kucha Buddhist Cave Temples / K. Samosyuk
Bukina, Anastasia. Near Eastern Lamps in the Hermitage Collection of Antiquities / A. Bukina
Petrakova, Anna. Greek Vases from the Laval Collection in the Hermitage : their Acquisition and Study / A. Petrakova
Nikulina, Irina. Statue of Dionysus in the State Hermitage Collection of Antiquities (History and Restoration) / I. Nikulina, E. Andreeva
Kustodieva, Tatyana. Alessandro Allori and the Modello for his Altarpiece "Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery" / T. Kustodieva
Sokolova, Irina. Addenda to the Hermitage Catalogue of Seventeenth-Century Italian Painting. A Newly Identified Self-Portrait of Elisabetta Sirani / I. Sokolova
Kagane, Ludmila. The History of "Portrait of a Lady in Black" by Federico Barocci, from the Crozat Collection / L. Kagane
Savvateev, Sviatoslav. Clio. Ribera or Cavarozzi? / S. Savvateev
Khmelnitskaya, Ekaterina. The "Poetic" Porcelain of August Timus. The St. Petersburg Period / E. Khmelnitskaya
Kuleshov, Viacheslav. A Rare Dinar of Alfonso Vii of Castile in the Hermitage Collection / V. Kuleshov
New Acquisitions
Orekhova, Ekaterina. The Study of Tsesarevna Maria Fyodorovna in the Anichkov Palace by Luigi Premazz / E. Orekhova
DDC: 708
Рубрики: Art museum
Аннотация: "Reports of the State Hermitage Museum" is an annual edition presenting the results of the museums recent research, restoration, preservation and exhibition activities. The articles are primarily concerned with the Hermitage collections and individual works of art. Their authors introduce art pieces unknown to the wide public, as well as specify and make more accurate attributions, datings and interpretations of the already published works on the basis of the latest scientific and scholastic achievements. Other sections of the book deal with most important recent acquisitions of the museum, its newly-opened and replanned permanent exhibitions and new studies on the Hermitages history. The edition is published in Russian and English

Доп.точки доступа:
Artamonova, Maria \transl.\
Hicks, David \transl.\
Phillips, Catherine \transl.\
Redkina, Julia \ed.\
The State Hermitage Museum(SPb.)
The State Hermitage Museum \о нем\
Эрмитаж \о нем\
Hermitage \о нем\Государственный Эрмитаж \о нем\
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