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1. 930.1

Alternative pathways to Early State [Text] : International symposium / Far Eastern Division of RAS, Institute of history, archaeology and ethnology, Russian Fund of Fundamental Researches ; ред.: N. N. Kradin, V. A. Lynsha. - scientific ed. - Vladivostok : Dal'nauka, 1995. - 152 p. : tabl. - ISBN 5-7442-0703-1
На с. 235 - 308 : Приложения.
Kradin, N. N. Introduction : from unilinear view to the state origin to the multilinear / N. N. Kradin
Haas, J. The roads to statehood / J. Haas
Wason, P. K. Social types and the limits of typological thinking in social archaeology / P. K. Wason
Lynsha, V. A. The puzzle of Engels / V. A. Lynsha
Shaedel, R. P. The temporal variants of proto-state societies / R. P. Shaedel
Ambrosino, J. N. Inter-societal contact and the rise of the state : a brief note from work in progress / J. N. Ambrosino
Korotayev, A. V. Mountains and democracy : an introduction / A. V. Korotayev
Berezkin, Y. E. Alternative models of middle range society. "Individualistic" Asia vs. "collectivistic" America? / Y. E. Berezkin
Lozny, L. R. The transition to statehood in Central Europe / L. R. Lozny
Kowalewski, S. A. Regional restructuring from chiefdom to state in the Valley of Oaxaca / S. A. Kowalewski
DDC: 930.1
Рубрики: Archaeology
Кл.слова (ненормированные):
social archaeology -- democracy -- central europe -- megacommunity -- congo basin -- far east -- gender -- japan

Доп.точки доступа:
Kradin, N.N. \ред.\
Lynsha, V.A. \ред.\
Far Eastern Division of RAS. Institute of history, archaeology and ethnology
Russian Fund of Fundamental ResearchesРоссийский Фонд фундаментальных исследований (М.)
Дальневосточное отделение РАН (Владивосток). Институт истории, археологии и этнографии народов Дальнего Востока
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2. 306.3

Markets and Marketing [Text] / Society for Economic Anthropology ; ed. S. Plattner. - Lanham ; New York ; London : University Press of America, 1985. - 418 p. - (Monographs in Economic Anthropology ; no. 4). - ISBN 0-8191-4605-6
Contributors : p. 417 - 418
Central Place Analyses of Marketplace : Part One
Skinner, G. W. Rural Marketing in China : Revival and Reappraisal / G. W. Skinner
Smith, Carol. How to Count Onions : Methods for a Regional Analysis of Marketing / C. Smith
Appleby, Gordon. Marketplace Development in the Gambia River Basin / G. Appleby
Economic Behavior in Market Contexts : Part Two
Acheson, James. Social Organization of the Maine Lobster Market / J. Acheson
Plattner, Stuart. Equilibrating Market Relationships / S. Plattner
Byrne, Daniel. Economic Rationality in a Competitive Marketplace : When to Mix Apples and Oranges / D. Byrne
Market Studies in Economic Development : Part Three
Dannhauser, Norbert. Urban Market Channels Under Conditions of Development : the Case of India and the Philippines / N. Dannhauser
McGee, T. G. Mass Markets - Little Markets : Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Growth of Consumption and its Relationship to Urbanization : a Case Study of Malaysia / T. G. McGee
Cook, Scott. Craft Businesses, Piece Work, and Value Distribution in the Oaxaca Valley, Mexico / S. Cook
Trager, Lillian. From Yams to Beer in a Nigerian City : Expansion and Change in Informal Sector Trade Activity / L. Trager
Babb, Florence. Middlemen and "Marginal" Women : Marketers and Dependency in Peru's Informal Sector / F. Babb
Lessinger, Johanna. "Nobody Here to Yell at Me" : Political Activism Among Petty Retail Traders in an Indian City / J. Lessinger
Markets in Historical Perspective : Part Four
Berdan, Frances. Markets in the Economy of Aztec Mexico / F. Berdan
Earle, Timothy. Commodity Exchange and Markets in the Inca State : Recent Archaeological Evidence / T. Earle
Blanton, Richard. A Comparison of Early Market Systems / R. Blanton
DDC: 306.3
Рубрики: Sociology--ECONOMIC ASPECTS
Аннотация: This collection of 15 articles drawn from the Society for Economic Anthropology's 1984 meeting is divided into four topics: central place analysis of marketplace systems, economic behavior in market contexts, markets in economic development, and markets in historical perspective

Доп.точки доступа:
Plattner, Stuart \ed.\
Society for Economic Anthropology
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3. 392

Childbirth and Authoritative Knowledge : Cross-Cultural Perspectives [Text] / ed.: R. E. Davis-Floyd, C. F. Sargent. - Berkeley ; Los Angeles ; London : University of California Press, 1997. - 510 p. - ISBN 978-0-520-20785-1
Contributors : p. 493 - 500. Index : p. 501 - 510
Davis-Floyd, Robbie. The Anthropology of Birth : Introduction / R. Davis-Floyd, C. F. Sargent
The Social Construction of Authoritative Knowledge in Childbirth : Part I
Jordan, Brigitte. Authoritative Knowledge and Its Construction / B. Jordan
Trevathan, Wenda. An Evolutionary Perspective on Authoritative Knowledge about Birth / W. R. Trevathan
Intracultural Variations in Authoritative Knowledge about Birth : Biomedical Hegemony and Women’s Choices : Part II
Georges, Eugenia. Fetal Ultrasound Imaging and the Production of Authoritative Knowledge in Greece / E. Georges
Browner, Carole. The Production of Authoritative Knowledge in American Prenatal Care / C. H. Browner, N. Press
Lazarus, Ellen. What Do Women Want? Issues of Choice, Control, and Class in American Pregnancy and Childbirth / E. Lazarus
Fiedler, Deborah Cordero. Authoritative Knowledge and Birth Territories in Contemporary Japan / D. C. Fiedler
Intercultural Variations in Authoritative Knowledge about Birth : Hierarchy, Community, and the Local Social Ground : Part III
Sargent, Carolyn. Ways of Knowing about Birth in Three Cultures / C. F. Sargent, G. Bascope
Kitzinger, Sheila. Authoritative Touch in Childbirth : a Cross-Cultural Approach / S. Kitzinger
Pigg, Stacy Leigh. Authority in Translation : Finding, Knowing, Naming, and Training "Traditional Birth Attendants" in Nepal / S. L. Pigg
Chalmers, Beverley. Changing Childbirth in Eastern Europe : Which Systems of Authoritative Knowledge Should Prevail? / B. Chalmers
Fighting the System : Creating and Maintaining Alternative Models of Authoritative Knowledge : Part IV
Szurek, Jane. Resistance to Technology-Enhanced Childbirth in Tuscany : the Political Economy of Italian Birth / J. Szurek
Davis-Floyd, Robbie. Intuition as Authoritative Knowledge in Midwifery and Home Birth / R. Davis-Floyd, E. Davis
Johnson, Kenneth. Randomized Controlled Trials as Authoritative Knowledge : Keeping an Ally from Becoming a Threat to North American Midwifery Practice / K. C. Johnson
Wagner, Marsden. Confessions of a Dissident / M. Wagner
Viable Indigenous Systems of Authoritative Knowledge : Continuity in the Face of Change : Part V
Sesia, Paola. "Women come here on their own when they need to" : Prenatal Care, Authoritative Knowledge, and Maternal Health in Oaxaca / P. M. Sesia
Jambai, Amara. Maternal Health, War, and Religious Tradition : Authoritative Knowledge in Pujehun District, Sierra Leone / A. Jambai, C. MacCormack
Daviss, Betty-Anne. Heeding Warnings from the Canary, the Whale, and the Inuit : a Framework for Analyzing Competing Types of Knowledge about Childbirth / B. -A. Daviss
Biesele, Megan. An Ideal of Unassisted Birth : Hunting, Healing, and Transformation among the Kalahari Ju/’hoansi / M. Biesele
DDC: 392
Рубрики: Manners, etiquette, folklore
Аннотация: This benchmark collection of cross-cultural essays on reproduction and childbirth extends and enriches the work of Brigitte Jordan, who helped generate and define the field of the anthropology of birth. The authors’ focus on authoritative knowl edge - the knowledge that counts, on the basis of which decisions are made and actions taken highlights the vast differences between birthing systems that give authority of knowing to women and their communities and those that invest it in experts and machines. The essays explore a range of issues, including the wholesale adoption of "technobirth" in the United States and its export to every corner of the globe, and the promotion of expensive technologies available only to the few over large-scale, low-cost public health initiatives such as a worldwide expansion of midwifery. We see the variety of ways in which authoritative knowledge is an ongoing social process that reflects contested power relationships and cultural values. "Childbirth and Authoritative Knowledge" offers first hand ethnographic research conducted by anthropologists in sixteen different societies and cultures and includes the interdisciplinary perspectives of a social psychologist, a sociologist, an epidemiologist, a staff member of the World Health Organization, and a community midwife. Exciting directions for further research as well as pressing needs for policy guidance emerge from these illuminating explorations of authoritative knowledge about birth. This book is certain to follow Jordan’s Birth in Four Cultures as the definitive volume in a rapidly expanding field

Доп.точки доступа:
Davis-Floyd, Robbie \ed.\
Sargent, Carolyn \ed.\
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